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What is the Best Treatment for Osteoarthritis Pain?

The pain from osteoarthritis can have debilitating effects on your life, but what is the best treatment for osteoarthritis pain? Unfortunately, most of the options presented by traditional medicine favor masking symptoms, or making the disease as comfortable to live with as possible, without addressing the cause. But they don’t offer much in the way of offering long-term relief. No traditional options can reverse the damage done.

This degenerative condition affects millions of people, and many simply suffer through life, taking powerful painkillers to stave off as much of the pain as possible. Many are faced with the decision of whether or not to undergo expensive and risky joint replacement surgeries.

Effective Treatments for OsteoarthritisBut what if there was a way to actually regenerate the cartilage and other types of tissue your joint needs to be healthy and function normally, without pain? What if this could be done non-surgically, and naturally? Several of the treatments offered at Infinity Medicina Regenerativa have proven their effectiveness at doing exactly that.

Each case of osteoarthritis is unique and presents different symptoms and challenges. But the good news is there are many effective options that can offer you an alternative to surgery or a lifetime of painkillers.

Effective Treatments for Osteoarthritis

Many of the treatments our patients have tried before coming to us are often considered by the patient to “not have worked.” Unfortunately, many of these treatments they initially try only bring short-term relief and many negative risks.

Treatments such as cortisone shots can be dangerous and add to the problem, and painkillers not only tend to have long lists of side effects, but they offer only a temporary solution for your pain that does not get to the root of the issue and heal the pain-causing problem at the source.

Most patients don’t want to be tied to pharmaceuticals for the remainder of their lives or become committed to joint replacement surgery, and would rather find a solution that lasts, without the risk of negative side effects and dependency.

The regrowth of your damaged cartilage, synovial fluid, and other tissue can be aided by revolutionary stem cell therapy. By introducing young, healthy, and incredibly potent tissue into the area, the body’s natural healing process is given a considerable boost. In addition to the introduction of stem cells into the affected area is a combination of cytokines, growth factors, and proteins that all work together to help the body heal rapidly.

    Effective Treatments for Osteoarthritis

  • Cytokines are molecules that act as messengers between the cells, regulating immunity and inflammation in the body, as well as function in tissue repair.
  • Growth factors regulate cellular activity to stimulate tissue growth.
  • Proteins are responsible for regulating the body’s organ and tissue functions, helping to repair damage and enable metabolic reactions. Some proteins even act as messengers between cells, organs, and tissues, while others act as a system of support and structure.

The stem cells used in our regenerative treatments are derived from the Wharton’s jelly of umbilical cord tissue after a C-section birth. The umbilical tissue, full of rich, healing qualities and which would otherwise be discarded, is donated by prescreened, healthy mothers, and neither they nor the baby are harmed during the collection process.

With stem cell therapy, many patients experience the accelerated rate of healing they haven’t experienced since childhood. The high potency of our advanced treatments is not available within the United States, but they are offered at our state-of-the-art facilities in Colombia.

Infinity offers many treatments containing stem cells, and determining which one might be best for your specific condition is something our doctors are happy to help you determine. Give us a call at 1 (844) 387-7802 to discuss your pain and find out how we can help.

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