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Stem Cell Treatments in Colombia

Stem Cell Therapy has been a hot topic of conversation in the United States for years now; there has been a lot of discussion as to whether or not it is a safe, ethical, or effective treatment for the millions who suffer from autoimmune and neurological disorders. While the rest of the world continues to make great strides in the field as well as reporting amazing results with stem cell treatments, the United States seems to lag behind.

Pharmaceutical companies in the U.S stand to lose a great deal as stem cell research advances, and with their influence on government officials, the treatments are at a standstill. This is why more and more Americans are seeking help internationally through clinics like Infinity Medicine Regenerativa in Colombia.

As people become more aware of the opportunities outside the United States for medical treatment, it is becoming more widely sought after. For many, the days of living in pain or masking symptoms with medications that cause more issues than the condition they are treating are over. For those who live with chronic pain, a treatment that can address the problem at its source is invaluable. Stem Cell therapy offers patients a way to heal and rid themselves of pain without using synthetic drugs or risky and invasive surgical procedures.

Meet Ajia

Infinity Medicina Regenerativa is a world class stem cell clinic in Colombia dedicated to helping Americans fight against disease and chronic pain through stem cell injections and IV therapies, as in the case of Ajia. Ajia is from the west coast of the United States and has been suffering from an autoimmune disease for almost 2 decades. Unable to get the relief she desperately needed, when the opportunity arose to travel to Colombia for the chance to experience a potentially life-altering treatment, she jumped at it.

After receiving over 200 million stem cells, Ajia could rest peacefully without needing any medications within the first 32 hours of treatment. For someone who has lived most of her life in pain, this was an indescribable experience and something that has unfortunately not been available to her, as is the case with millions of Americans just like her.

Why Choose Colombia For Stem Cell Therapy?

The FDA heavily regulates the use of stem cells in the United States. The U.S. is in fact one of the last developed countries to embrace the use of this amazing treatment. This may at least be in part due to the large donations that big pharma makes to political campaigns or perhaps the aggressive lobbyists that they employ. In the U.S, stem cells must be used as they are when harvested, meaning they can not be manipulated in any way. Our Colombia clinic is able to enhance and grow stem cells, increasing the capabilities for treatment and magnifying the effectiveness of the therapy.

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