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Stem Cell Treatments for Rotator Cuff Tendon Tear

If you’re tired of living with chronic shoulder pain and are heading down a one-way path to risky and largely unsuccessful tendon repair surgery, stem cell treatments for a rotator cuff tendon tear could be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Around 30% of those over 60 have suffered a rotator cuff tendon tear, which causes chronic shoulder pain, weakness in the arm and makes things like combing your hair nearly impossible. The restrictions and limitations this can put on your life can keep you from doing what you love to do and truly enjoying life.

Treatment Options for Rotator Cuff Tendon Tears

The most common treatments for a rotator cuff tendon tear include traditional forms of physical therapy, such as exercise, taping, electrotherapy, manual treatment, as well as medical options like steroids and other drugs.

Rotator CuffUnfortunately, the majority of patients don’t experience success with these treatments, especially with more serious tears. Tendon repair surgery is purported as the only real option in the US, but even its failure rate is between 20-90% (1). Not particularly optimistic.

It was this grim outlook that brought about the need for a treatment option that would allow the tendon to regenerate itself and be truly restored. This is exactly what the stem cell treatments provided at Infinity Medicina Regenerativa do.

Through the introduction of special cells called mesenchymal cells – cells which are uniquely capable of differentiating into different types of specialized cells (muscles, tendons, and ligaments, among others) – the tear is given the basic genetic material it needs to actually regenerate healthy cells and repair the damaged ones using the body’s natural healing process.

Stem Cells for Rotator Cuff Tendon Tears

The mesenchymal cells used at Infinity Medicina Regenerativa are derived from tissue found within the umbilical cord, donated by pre-screened mothers after a healthy cesarean section delivery. Neither mother nor baby is harmed, and these are the cells that have just finished growing an entire human body in nine months, so they are at the peak of their efficacy. The MSCs derived from umbilical cords have the greatest therapeutic potential for several reasons. They have minimal risk of being rejected by the body’s immune system (they are immunoprivileged), they can differentiate into many different types of cells, and they also have the ability to “home” in on injured tissue (2).

Using MSCs from the umbilical cord has other benefits. Since the overwhelming majority of patients with rotator cuff tendon tears are older, these young, vital cells are functioning at distinctly higher levels than the patient’s naturally occurring MSCs (3). Realize that any comorbidities you are suffering from, your own stem cells are, too.

These advanced stem cell treatments for rotator cuff tendon tears aren’t available in the US at this time. They can only be found abroad, and at Infinity Medicina Regenerativa, we specialize in cutting-edge treatments that offer patients the chance to benefit from medical tourism for conditions they held little hope for in the States.

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