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Stem Cell Therapy for a Spinal Cord Injury

If you have recently suffered a spinal cord injury, stem cell therapy might be the solution for you. Around the world, stem cells have proven their success when used to treat the effects of injury or illness. At our advanced medical facility, we provide these treatments due to the unique and powerful regenerative qualities of these stem cells, and have seen successful healing results for patients with a spinal cord injury.

Many people have experienced major improvements in their movement, range of motion, and bodily functions, as well as pain reduction and increased strength after a stem cell treatment. Utilizing stem cells for a spinal cord injury can help provide pain relief and improve overall wellbeing and function for many people who have exhausted all other available options.

Because of our location, we are able to administer stem cell treatments that contain 100 million or more healing cells all working to regenerate your damaged spinal cord, as opposed to only about 1 million in the U.S., making our treatments significantly more powerful and effective than what is available in the United States.

Stem Cell Therapy is an excellent alternative to more commonly known treatments such as medication, cortisone shots, nerve blockers, and invasive surgery. Stem cell therapy has the amazing ability to enhance the body's own natural healing properties with the most potent young cells available. Because of its ability to boost your body’s naturally occurring healing mechanisms, stem cell therapy has shown effective results time and time again for healing spinal cord injuries.

How Do Stem Cell Treatments Work?

How Do Stem Cell Treatments Work?

Stem cell treatments work by injecting regenerative stem cells directly into the area of injury in order to encourage the body’s naturally-occurring healing mechanisms and cells to flock straight to the source of spinal cord damage. This promotes regeneration and repair of the injured area, bringing mobility and freedom back into the body.

Along with tissue repair, healing components such as cytokines, collagens, proteins, and growth factors are also administered during a stem cell injection.

  • Cytokines act as messengers between the cells. They regulate immune responses, inflammation, and stimulate blood cell production. These molecules provide growth, as well as tissue maintenance and repair for your damaged spinal cord.
  • Collagens provide a platform for new tissue to grow, enabling strength and structure throughout the body.
  • Proteins repair damaged tissue, and regulate organ and tissue function. Some proteins act as messengers, while others provide support, strength, and structure.
  • Growth factors regulate cell division and survival to encourage growth in the area of need.

These healing components contain a plethora of restorative properties all working together to encourage stem cell regeneration and repair in a spinal cord injury.

Over the years, the cells within our own bodies age and become less potent. They experience the wear and tear of time and the effects of illness and injury. Think about how young children heal so much faster than older people. If a 7-year-old falls, they may scrape their leg and heal within a few days. If a 70-year-old falls, they may obtain a major injury that most doctors would recommend surgery to fix.

Regenerative stem cell treatments harness the power of young, brand new cells in order to treat injuries as quickly and as minimally invasive as possible. This brings the healing power of youthful cells straight to the area of injury, providing mobility and relief right at the source of your damaged spinal cord.

At Infinity Medicina Regenerativa, we have helped numerous patients regain their movement and function through stem cell treatments at our world class resort style facility. Our leading team of medical professionals provides alternative treatments for a spinal cord injury without the use of drugs or surgery, and without risky side effects.

If you would like to learn more about how we have helped our patients find recovery and pain relief from a spinal cord injury through our treatments abroad, call us for a free consultation today 1 (844) 958-3464.

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