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Pharmaceutical Treatments for Autoimmune Disorders Are No Longer Your Only Option

Autoimmune disorders have been treated the same way for many years. Most treatment protocols involve anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce pain and inflammation and immunosuppressant drugs to inhibit the activity of your immune system. Neither of these pharmaceuticals are capable of helping you heal.

In fact, it is common belief within certain factions of the medical community that autoimmune disorders cannot really be helped at all. So the best option most doctors have is to help manage your symptoms. This is old thinking that is most likely influenced by the pharmaceutical industry.

Pharmaceutical Treatments for Autoimmune Disorders Are No Longer Your Only Option

There are newer treatment protocols that can actually help your body heal.

In a 2019 report found on National Institutes of Health website titled “Issues and Opportunities of Stem Cell Therapy in Autoimmune Diseases", stated that “The purpose of regenerative medicine is to restore or enhance the normal function of human cells, tissues, and organs. In terms of their clinical applicability including in autoimmune disorders, cell replacement procedures and therapies that alter the natural course of diseases should be considered.

It further stated, “The therapeutic use of stem cells in autoimmune diseases for disease modification, immunomodulation, or regenerative purposes are undoubtedly encouraging.”

Research shows that mesenchymal stem cells or MSCs, like those used in our treatments, can suppress the immune system, and reduce the body’s inflammatory response. This makes MSC therapy a promising treatment option for autoimmune conditions.

The cells that are core to our treatments are derived from umbilical cord donations. These very young cells – harvested at birth - have not yet developed an immune system so there is virtually no chance for rejection and there are minimal reported side effects. These cells are non-tumorigenic meaning that they do not cause tumors the way embryonic cells may. Both mother and baby are monitored throughout the pregnancy prior to cesarean section to ensure both are healthy and safe. Neither mother nor baby experience any effect from this process. Prior to this cutting-edge medical use for the umbilical cord stem cells, the umbilical cord was discarded at birth.

It is important to not only explore but understand your treatment options.

Spend 20 minutes on the phone with our knowledgeable staff and find out if stem cell procedures are a viable option to treat your autoimmune disorder.

If stem cell therapy is a viable option for you, we will provide the information that will help you make an informed healthcare decision. Our medical team will examine your case and let you know exactly the treatment protocol that is proper for your disorder.

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