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New Studies Show Stem Cell Therapy Can Successfully Improve Multiple Sclerosis

New studies show that stem cell therapy can successfully improve multiple sclerosis and offer new hope for those suffering from the debilitating disease. More extensive trials are planned for 2021 to expand on research done that showed improvement in 73% of multiple sclerosis patients who received injections with stem cells.1

With 500,000 patients in the US suffering from progressive MS, a treatment option that offers hope is desperately needed.

Stem Cell Treatment Outside USIn Israel, 48 such patients participated in this Phase II trial, all of whom had tried two drugs that were unsuccessful in treating their conditions. In the trial, 16 of the patients were given a placebo, 16 were given a regular intravenous injection, and the final 16 were given stem cells intravenously, through cerebrospinal fluid.

The participants who received the stem cell treatments received three injections over a one-year period. By the end of that year, 60% of these recipient’s disease progression was frozen. In the latter half of the trial, 73% of the patients receiving the stem cells showed improvements in cognitive function, their ability to walk, and more.

While these treatments are not yet widely available, patients who qualify for treatment can receive advanced stem cell therapy at Infinity Medicina Regenerativa in Colombia.

Why Should I Choose Stem Cell Treatment Outside the US?

Because we are located in South America, we can offer the most advanced stem cell therapies in the world. Unlike providers in the United States, we are able to provide treatments containing as many as 30 million to 100 million healing cells per treatment, for a comparable price as to what you’d pay for a treatment containing 1 million to 3 million cells in the US.

This is accomplished by expanding the number of mesenchymal stem cells through proliferation in a medium before the treatment. The donated cells we use are never frozen but fresh, as we find they are more viable that way. Donors have been prescreened to ensure they are healthy and suitable candidates for donation.

The tissue is extracted from a substance called Wharton’s Jelly, which is found within the umbilical cord. We find this to be the most viable and immune-privileged tissue available anywhere, with a near-zero percent chance of rejection by the recipient’s immune system. These young, potent cells are full of vital components for healing like cytokines, growth factors, proteins, peptides, collagens, and more, making them ideal for helping patients recover from conditions previously thought to be untreatable.

These stem cells have just helped to grow an entire human body in just nine months. They are the perfect candidates for developing new, healthy soft tissue to replace the damaged tissue that’s causing the painful or degenerative condition. Plus, unlike early tests done with stem cells, these mesenchymal cells can only differentiate or give rise to specific cells your body needs in healing, such as blood cells, cartilage, muscle, and neural cells.

If you are a candidate for stem cell therapy, this is your chance to receive advanced care not available in the US while enjoying a relaxing medical vacation at an exotic retreat. Find out if we can help you today by calling (844) 387-7802.


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