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How Can Stem Cells Treat a Rotator Cuff Tendon Tear?

Did you know that a rotator cuff tendon tear (RCTT) can be repaired without the need for surgery? By undergoing stem cell treatments that encourage new healthy tendon growth and repair existing damage, you may once again be able to have full motion of that arm.

How this works is through the stem cell's production of growth factors, proteins, peptides and collagens which have the ability to renew damaged cells when injected into a damaged area. The material produced by the stem cells serves to communicate with the other cells and stimulate their growth when they need to begin healing or producing new cells to replace the ones that are too far gone. The damaged cells within the tendon in the shoulder get repaired, restored or replaced, leaving a tendon that no longer hurts, and allows for full function again.

Compare this with what is offered in the US. Traditional medicine has only one main treatment for a rotator cuff tendon tear - surgery. Many patients can regain some mobility and function over time without surgery, but never regain the ability to use the arm over their head, or for activities like sports and fitness. Even if you do opt for surgery, according to one study (, the failure rate for rotator cuff tendon repair is between 20% and 90%.

The fact that there is a treatment to heal a RCTT without surgery shouldn’t be a secret! While this advanced treatment isn’t allowed in the US, it is available abroad, and you could receive the treatment while on a medical tourism vacation.

What Type of Stem Cells are Best for Healing Tears?

What Type of Stem Cells are Best for Healing Tears?

Mesenchymal cells (MSCs) derived from the Wharton’s jelly found in umbilical cord tissue have been found to have the most therapeutic potential for many reasons. They have the ability to turn into the type of cell that is needed to heal - such as muscle, tendon, cartilage, and blood cell.

They are brand new and immunoprivileged, meaning there is virtually zero chance of your body rejecting them. After all, they just got done developing an entire human body in the last nine months. Imagine what they can do for one tendon in your shoulder!

Another reason Wharton’s jelly MSCs are preferable is that they have not undergone the same damage to your body that your existing stem cells have. Whether you’re 20 years old or 80, your naturally occurring stem cells just aren’t as effective as they were when you were a baby. If you have any comorbidities, so do your stem cells.

To take advantage of the advanced medical treatments you can only find abroad, reach out to the team of caring medical professionals at Infinity Medicina Regenerativa. We will construct a personalized treatment plan to address your exact situation in a non-pharmaceutical, non-surgical approach, and give you the chance to have a relaxing getaway at the same time.

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