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Traumatic Brain Injuries

Those suffering from traumatic brain injuries, or the family members of a victim of TBI, understand the seriousness of the neurological damage. They live daily with a physical, cognitive, and emotional impairment that diminishes the victim’s quality of life.

Conservative treatment protocols including hyperbaric oxygen, electrical stimulation, brain stimulation, and behavioral therapy very often fall short of the desired outcome. Unfortunately, patients without proper treatment often succumb to their injuries.

There Is Hope For People With Traumatic Brain Injuries

Research released by The National Institutes of Health entitled “Mesenchymal Stem Cells in the Treatment of Traumatic Brain Injury” released in 2017 highlights the efficacy of mesenchymal stem cells.

Here’s an excerpt from that report:

“The use of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) offers huge potential for application in the treatment of TBI. MSCs have immunosuppressive properties that reduce inflammation in injured tissue. As such, they could be used to modulate the secondary mechanisms of injury and halt the progression of the secondary insult in the brain after injury. Particularly, MSCs are capable of secreting growth factors that facilitate the regrowth of neurons in the brain.”

Stem cell therapy can be very effective for the treatment of TBI but not every injured person qualifies for treatment. Call and discuss your injury with one of the medical professionals on our team. We will advise you as to whether you are a candidate for treatment or not. (844) 387-7802

Treatments for Brain Injury

Why Choose Our Facility For Treatment Rather Than Other International Stem Cell Clinics?

Here at Infinity Medicina Regenerativa, we are a leader in stem cell therapy for patients with traumatic brain injuries because of our medical team and tissue screening procedures. Our team consists of MDs that treat patients at our facility and teach at the Medical School here in Colombia. It’s not likely that you could find a team with more experience than ours.

The stem cells that we use come from the donated umbilical cord at the time of a healthy birth. Both mother and child are healthy. We do thorough screenings of both parents before accepting a donation of tissue that will be used in your treatment. Other treatment centers only screen the mother. We feel it is always best to understand the medical history of both parents.

Why Do We Have a Geneticist On Our Medical Team?

Julieta Henao, M.D., is a Medical Geneticist, specialist in regenerative medicine, and prenatal diagnosis and in vitro fertilization. Dr. Henao is currently a professor and director of the Laboratory of Medical Genetics for Teaching and Research. Dr. Henaos’ teaching focuses on obstetrics and pediatrics, including fetal development. Her research includes pharmacogenetics and stem cell translational medicine. She is the Technical Director of the Laboratory of our Stem Cell Center.

Dr. Hanao provides our facility with a significant advantage over other international stem cell clinics. She does a thorough screening of the mother and father. and baby before donation and genetic screening of the tissue post-donation. We know exactly the tissue that you are receiving, where it came from, and it is matched to your circumstance. Donated umbilical cord tissue has not yet developed an immune system, therefore will not be rejected. It is non-tumorigenic so there is no chance of developing tumors.

We feel as if you can choose any treatment facility for aesthetic treatments or hair replacement, but when it comes to traumatic brain injuries only the best medical team with genetically tested tissue should administer your treatment.

Stem Cells for TBI

How Long Does It Take To Get Scheduled For Stem Cell Treatments?

We do our best to never place a patient on a delay for treatment. Time can be the enemy of a person with a TBI. Most times patients can be treated in less than 30 days from the time we receive your medical history.

We only accept patients that we feel certain we can help. Four doctors on our medical team evaluate each potential patient’s medical history and individual condition before deciding on accepting or denying a patient.

Contact us to determine if you qualify for treatment. Call (844) 387-7802 and speak with a member of our team.

Why Are Stem Cells a Viable Treatment For TBI?

Stem cells migrate to the damaged area of the brain and participate in the repair of damaged tissue while releasing the anti-inflammatory factors, and growth factors necessary to improve neurological function.

The physiological process, meaning the process whereby a body functions, is disrupted and becomes dysfunctional when a traumatic brain injury is present. These dysfunctions include but are not limited to:

  • The break of the blood-brain barrier (BBB). The BBB is a tight cellular barrier in the capillaries of the brain, its purpose is to inhibit foreign objects in the blood from reaching the brain. TBI often causes a dysfunction of the blood-brain barrier which is thought to lead to the loss of neural tissue.
  • Excessive neuroinflammation. This is inflammation of the central nervous system.
  • Neurodegeneration. The occurrence of scattered lesions over a widespread area of both the white and grey matter of the brain. Often indicated by slow speech, hesitation before speaking, confused speech, and more.

The mesenchymal stem cells that we use in our treatments are effective in the treatment of traumatic brain injuries. They play an important role in the treatment of the issues mentioned above and many others related to TBI. They help regenerate tissue. This regeneration promotes decreased inflammation, secretes trophic factors which are molecules that allow neurons to develop and maintain connections within the brain, and recruit local progenitor cells to replace lost or damaged cells.

Traumatic brain injuries are complex and words on a website are not enough to fully explain how stem cells may help. Please reach out to us for a no-obligation consultation, we will educate you as fully as possible so that you can make the best possible decision for your healthcare.

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