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Can stem cell therapy help stroke victims? Stem cells rush healing power to areas of the body that are signaling that they’ve been injured which is exactly what a stroke victim needs.

Dr. Benson had a stroke and came to us for treatment, hear his story.

If you’ve suffered a stroke, you already know that part of your brain has been injured. You may have lost some of your motor skills, ability to speak or to feel some parts of your body. The healing that needs to take place is in the brain. Mesenchymal stem cells have the remarkable ability to detect this need for healing and migrate to the exact area needing therapy.

Once these cells arrive in an area that has been damaged, they further secrete factors that are needed to encourage the growth of normal cells. The presence of cytokines, growth factors, collagens, proteins, peptides after the administration of stem cells provides additional healing power to the neurons of your brain.

Stem Cell Therapy for Stroke

Stem Cell Therapy for Stroke

When stem cells are used to treat a stroke victim, one of the benefits needed from these cells is their ability to modulate the body’s autoimmune reaction to the injury. Another is their ability to immediately reduce inflammation. These effects alone begin to produce positive results.

Further benefits include the ability of stem cells to bring about angiogenesis and neurogenesis – in other words, the enhanced growth of blood vessels and nerve cells. To restore health to the brain, both these benefits are needed.

When you receive mesenchymal stem cell treatment at our medical facility there is yet one more major benefit. Because of our location, we can expand our stem cell counts which cannot be done in the U.S. Your price for two or three million stem cells in America can be roughly the same as your price of 30 to 100 million stem cells in our clinic. Faster recovery results from higher stem cell counts.

What Causes a Stroke?

One type of stroke is a brain injury that occurs when blood flow is blocked to a part of the brain. The longer the blood can’t reach that part of the brain, the more brain cells die. Serious stroke symptom include paralysis and numbness of face, arms or legs. Mild stroke symptoms include confusion, sudden vision problems, dizziness and sudden severe headache. Of course, the most serious result is death.

What Causes A StrokeThis type of stroke results from a blood clot that forms in one of the blood vessels of the brain. Causes of a stroke include smoking, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

The second type of stroke results from a hemorrhage in the brain. It’s less common but it can result from an aneurysm that bursts. The reason stem cell therapy can help a person after a stroke has to do with its ability to provide regeneration support for damaged tissues.

Transient Ischemic Attack

A brief interruption of blood flow in the brain is called a transient (temporary) ischemic attack, also known as TIA or mini-stroke. A person may suffer from garbled speech, weakness, paralysis, sudden and severe headache. Most of these signs disappear within an hour or so but a TIA may precede a stroke by hours or days. A TIA should never be ignored.

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Find out if our state-of-the-art medical center, fully equipped and staffed with some of the most competent stem cell professionals in the world, can help you with your stroke symptoms.

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