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Pulmonary Disease

Do lungs regenerate? Patients come to our medical facility asking us this question. We tell them about case after case of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) or other pulmonary diseases treated with our mesenchymal stem cells. Our patients are able to return to a fuller, more active life after treatment because stem cells provide them with the exact support their lungs need to not only function better but also to rebuild.

Have you also received a diagnosis of a pulmonary disease that has limited your enjoyment of life? How would you like to discover that your limitations don’t have to last for the rest of your life? At our facility, you can receive stem cell treatment for COPD or other pulmonary disease that’s not available in the United States. And that gives you a new hope for a more active life.

An added advantage of our treatment is that we can, unlike stem cell providers in the United States, expand the number of cells dramatically before administration. Instead of one to three million cells like most U.S. providers use in treatment, we can administer 30 to 100 million stem cells at a comparable cost. And we only use fresh cells, never cryopreserved cells.

Getting to the Root of COPD CausesStem cells work because they inherently possess anti-inflammatory qualities which can quickly help calm the tightness common to all these diseases. But the improvement actually goes deeper than that. The longer-term effect of stem cell therapy – supporting the regeneration of healthy tissues – provides much more than relief. It actually helps the body rebuild.

Getting to the Root of COPD Causes

If you’ve been diagnosed with COPD, you probably have one of these three specific health conditions:

  • Emphysema that’s common to many smokers
  • Chronic bronchitis
  • Asthma symptoms that threaten to shut off your ability to breathe at any moment

If you’re suffering from any of these types of COPD, you have probably been denied the carefree life of a person who can breathe deeply any time they want. For many, a diagnosis of COPD is the end of a normal life and the beginning of dependence on drugs, doctors and oxygen tanks.

Using Stem Cells to Relieve Pulmonary Disease

For the body to start a healing process, it needs an ample supply of healing components. An infusion of the mesenchymal stem cells employed at our facility brings with it cytokines and growth factors to kickstart healing. There also need to be collagens, proteins and peptides to support further healing so the body can rebuild the right kind of cells and get back to normal.

Using Stem Cells to Relieve Pulmonary DiseaseThat is the wonder of mesenchymal stem cells. With the right support and encouragement from the phenomenal regenerative ability of stem cells, the human body can begin to generate new and healthy lunch cells, improving even severe conditions like COPD.

Join us at our beautiful facility where you can experience stem cell therapy for respiratory disease in comfort or luxury. We have three different packages for accommodations and services to fit a variety of budgets.

Please contact us to learn more about stem cell therapy for all types of respiratory disease – emphysema, chronic bronchitis or asthma – and learn about our successes restoring lung function and freedom to our patients. Mesenchymal stem cells can prove to be the end of suffering from Pulmonary disease and the start of a new, more active life.

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