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Multiple Sclerosis

Can MS be cured? Using stem cell therapy, our team has the ability to take steps to heal what your immune system has broken. We know that Multiple Sclerosis is a debilitating disease, with the body’s immune system being overzealous, attacking necessary systems within the body, treating them like invading microorganisms and creating the scarring on your nerve cells, giving this disease its name (sclerosis means scarring).

Multiple SclerosisA consultation with our doctors can result in a course of treatment that could open doors to you that you long thought were locked forever. Let us help you pursue a path to freedom that other treatments and therapies have left hidden.

Symptoms of MS include:

  • Fatigue
  • Numbness in limbs
  • Shocking Sensation
  • Tremor
  • Vision Issues
  • Double Vision
  • Blurry Vision
  • Slurred Speech
  • Loss of Vision

With a course of stem cell therapy, the intense pain, impaired cognitive functioning, weakness, spasticity, fatigue, and difficulty walking can be things of the past. No two patients experience the exact same symptoms, and the disease can become progressively worse, or go through a series of improvements and relapses. This is where stem cell therapy can offer patients some relief and a chance to regain relief from their symptoms.

Stem Cell Therapy for MS

There have been many promising advances in stem cell therapy for MS and stem cells can treat many of the symptoms of multiple sclerosis. Mesenchymal stem cells contain growth factors and cytokines necessary to stimulate the reproduction of myelin that has been attacked by the body’s immune response. Once the myelin sheathing has been restored, the nerve cells have more of a chance to function normally and restore bodily functions thought lost to the disease. Not only can the proteins and peptides produced by the stem cells aid in the renewal of myelin, but research has also shown they have the potential to attenuate the body’s immune response that is attacking the myelin in the nerve cells to begin with.

Stem cells also have the ability, because of their unique properties, to stimulate regenerative growth of any type of cell in the body, including nerve cells, meaning that the damage done by multiple sclerosis could be reversed, not simply arrested or put into remission. Imagine being able to regain the ability to walk, being free from pain, depression, vision loss and all of the other symptoms associated with multiple sclerosis. Current treatments mostly address MS symptoms, but stem cell therapy gives patients’ bodies the change to correct the damage done by the scarring.

While you could receive this kind of therapy in the United States, the clinic would be unable to manipulate the cells to encourage their natural growth cycle before the injection. In our case, we are free from that restriction, so we are able to give you a much more powerfully concentrated, purer version of the stem cell therapy for Multiple Sclerosis.

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