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Liver and Kidney Failure

Does the liver grow back? The answer currently is that, yes, liver tissue can be regrown with help from stem cells. We know your liver is an essential part of your body’s healthy functioning, and liver failure can be catastrophic to your health. Freedom from pain, jaundice, nausea and vomiting, disorientation, and fatigue are desires every one with advanced liver disease, or who are facing liver failure, wants.

Don’t just accept that the only way to a happy and healthy future is to have a complete replacement of this vital organ. Come talk to our doctors and see if a stem cell therapy treatment can restore your life and health.

Stem Cell Therapy For Liver FailureWhen liver failure becomes a matter of life and death, replacing the damaged portions of your liver with healthy tissue is the only way short of a full transplant to save your life. This is where stem cell therapy comes in - it is currently the only clinically tested means of easing the inflammation and resulting scarring by actually regrowing new liver tissue within your own body. Regrowing the damaged tissue is the only way to prevent your liver from its normal functions of cleaning your blood, necessary not only to have a life, but a more active and productive one.

Stem Cell Therapy for Liver Failure

Short of replacing the organ with a liver from a donor, currently stem cell therapy is the only current protocol for replacing damaged liver tissue. Numerous trials have shown that the growth factors and cytokines in mesenchymal stem cells, when introduced into a patient with liver failure, can stimulate the growth of the cells within the organ, bringing back healthy tissue to replace that which has been damaged.

Once the cirrhosis or other advanced liver disease has scarred the tissue past a certain point, there is no pharmaceutical means to address the issues and get enough of the liver working again to keep you healthy and alive. For patients who have liver failure and are unable to get a liver transplant, stem cell therapy offers a chance at a healthier, longer life, with renewed and regenerated cells easing the effects that the scarring has had on this important organ.


We know that hepatitis is a serious disease, and anyone who has suffered from it knows that the treatment is expensive and lengthy. Wouldn’t you want another alternative? One that could address the damage that the inflammation the different strains of the virus have inflicted on your liver? Wouldn’t it be better to heal the tissue and return it’s normal function? HepatitisCurrently, the growth factors and peptides produced by mesenchymal stem cells have been shown to have positive effects on reversing the inflammation and resulting tissue damage caused by hepatitis, similar to the way it helps new tissue growth in other forms of tissue damage.

Kidney Failure

Without functioning kidneys, we all know what the prognosis is - dialysis or replacement. We are familiar with the shortness of breath, swelling, and ultimate confining to the hospital for treatment. What if there were a way, similar to how the clinic treats the liver, to address the kidney problems preventing you from being an active, involved person in your family’s lives and the world? Well, now there is an answer that doesn’t involve invasive surgery. Stem cells can repair and regrow the damaged cells because of their growth factors and regenerative properties, giving the patient hope and healing without the problems associated with organ replacement.

Stem Cell Therapy for Kidney Disease

Stem cell therapy for kidney failure holds promise, because the growth factors and regenerative properties of the stem cells can spark new growth and repair of damaged nephrons, or kidney cells. The stem cells produce proteins and collagens, repairing damaged tissue and giving the body a chance to turn back the clock on the damage. Once these cells are repaired or regrown, they can resume normal functioning and give the patient a chance to live a normal life, free from dialysis or the need for a transplant.

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