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Diabetes Type 1 and 2

Can diabetes be cured? Advances in stem cell therapy have had promising results in restoring the body’s ability to regulate insulin and glucose in diabetes type 1 and 2, restoring your health and quality of life, and limiting the impact of the more serious symptoms of the disease.

Listen to what Frank has to say about his experience with us and his treatment.

Several weeks after treatment Franks has reported that his numbers have improved greatly.

You don’t need to continue to suffer the pain of trying to regulate your blood sugar yourself. Come talk to our doctors and see if our stem cell therapies can end your insulin dependence and regrow your body’s ability to function normally.

It is easy enough to stop drinking sugary sodas and stay away from the candy aisle, but those steps do nothing to fix the problems of Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. If you suffer from diabetes, you know the pain associated with blood sugar level checks, injections of insulin and the resulting constant monitoring of your health. This disease changes the lives of many children and adults, because of the body’s failure to produce or process insulin, and generates symptoms that severely limit people’s ability to live the lives they want. Stem cell therapy may offer a solution not contained in a syringe, pump, or fingerstick.

Stem Cell therapy for Type 1 diabetes

Stem Cell Therapy for Type 1 Diabetes

Stem cell therapy for type 1 diabetes enables the body to regenerate the beta cells that produce insulin. In a healthy person, the pancreas produces insulin from beta cells to regulate the amount of glucose in the blood. Though adults can contract the disease, Type 1 diabetes is sometimes called juvenile diabetes. When these beta cells are attacked by the body’s immune system, they are incapacitated and can no longer produce the insulin necessary to regulate blood sugar.

Symptoms of type 1 Diabetes:

  • Blurred Vision
  • Frequent Urination
  • Weakness
  • Extreme Hunger
  • Mood Swings
  • Unintentional Weight Loss
  • Bed-Wetting
  • Blurred Vision
  • Increased Thirst

Without the beta cells at full function, Type 1 patients must rely on insulin injections or a pump to regulate the amount of glucose in the blood. This is where stem cells come in. The stem cells promote the growth of damaged cells in the body through their production of collagen and other proteins. The benefit of stem cell therapy is that the growth factors present in the stem cells and the peptides they produce can cause the beta cells to reproduce and grow, distributing the hormones necessary to generate insulin. This treatment has the potential to lessen dependence on pumps and injections, freeing the patients to be liberated to live more free and active life they want and deserve.

Stem Cell Therapy For Type 2 Diabetes

Stem Cell Therapy for Type 2 Diabetes

Stem cell therapy for Type 2 diabetes can reverse the debilitating effects of the disease. In diabetes Type 2, the problem is not necessarily the production of insulin, but the body’s resistance to it. Glucose can become difficult for the body to process if your cells have become resistant to the effects of insulin. Studies have demonstrated that stem cell therapy can impact, and in some cases reverse, the effects and symptoms of Type 2 diabetes as well. The mesenchymal stem cells used in the therapy, can help create more effective beta cells that release insulin that is not as readily rejected by the other cells in your body.

Symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes:

  • Increased Thirst
  • Frequent Urination
  • Increased Hungar
  • Weight Loss
  • Fatigue
  • Blurred Vision
  • Slow Healing Wounds
  • Infections
  • Dark Areas of Skin

Immediate improvements have been seen in clinical trials for patients with Type 2 diabetes once they are exposed to cytokines and growth factors in the stem cells.

Our doctors permit the stem cells to regenerate before introducing them into the patient. The manipulation of the cells that we do creates a much more concentrated therapeutic solution, so you are getting tens of millions more of these powerful stem cells introduced into your body, increasing the effectiveness of the treatment. The therapy can lessen the severity of the devastating symptoms of diabetes type 1 and 2, improving the general health of the patient, relieving the stress on the kidneys, circulatory system and the other restrictive complications.

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