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Cerebral Palsy

Can Cerebral Palsy be Cured? Stem cell therapy has been shown through research to turn back the clock on the disease. The introduction of the cells into a body that suffers from Cerebral Palsy (CP) has demonstrated positive effects, and has given patients back some of the quality of life they so desperately seek. We do know that the disease robs people of the things that are most important to them: freedom, strength, control over their bodies, and opportunity. When the brain sends the wrong messages to the muscles, the cerebral cortex tells muscles to forever spasm or remain over tones or even lose complete control, the result can be heartbreaking. That’s where our team can help.

Come to us and see the power an effective stem cell treatment can have to give a patient a real chance at a life they have dreamed of having; one free from the bounds of disease. Our doctors can give you, through our specialized treatments, the freedom and control you seek.

An important aspect of stem cell therapy is it’s growth factors and peptides. The growth factors and peptides, can address the problems, giving hope for patients to walk away from these situations their body and brain have them trapped into. It is important to work on the body of a Cerebral Palsy patient, giving them intensive physical therapy so that they can regain some control if the disease is severe, but wouldn’t it be better to address the root cause instead of teaching someone how to live with this reality? Stem cell treatment can help accomplish that goal.

Stem Cell Therapy for CP

Stem Cell Therapy for CP

While there is no cure, there have been promising advances in the use of stem cell therapy for cerebral palsy. Because the damage to the brain is causing the muscles to become overly stiff or impossible to control, the patients with Cerebral Palsy are left with few options to manage the disease. Mesenchymal stem cells, with the regenerative properties they contain because of their growth factors, can help the damaged areas of the brain renew themselves. Stem cell injections introduces the stem cells into the patient’s body in the areas needing regeneration. Neurons that have lost myelin sheathing or that have become scarred can have their tissues repaired and regrown by the protein and peptides released by the stem cells.

Patients who have been trapped in bodies that won’t let them enjoy a full, healthy active lifestyle can now have hope that the damaged parts of their nervous system can be healed.

It is heartbreaking for a family to see their loved ones suffering, and to be able to harness the power of mesenchymal stem cells to reverse the brain problems is a blessing. Because these cells are taken from donated umbilical cords, their youth and strength offer great promise that their cytokines and proteins will be the answer to problems the brain creates for the Cerebral Palsy sufferer’s body. Watching someone rise up and regain their feet, either physically or metaphorically, is a wonderful gift, and regenerative medicine can make that a reality for some patients through a stem cell injections that brings healing.

Instead of the limited therapy that is available in the states, and usually only through clinical trials, you can receive with us an opportunity for an enriched dose of stems cells in your therapy, consisting of tens of millions of more cells that have been allowed to proliferate and reproduce, which is what they do best. The resulting injection has exponentially more power to change the course of your health and set you on a path to a more complete life. It is important to consider all of your options. Contact us to learn if stem cell therapy is appropriate for you or a loved ones Cerebral Palsy.

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