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Can Stem Cell Therapy Be Used to Treat Refractory Angina?

Are you tired of worrying about you or your loved one’s refractory angina? Is it true, can stem cell therapy be used to treat this condition? Since 2017, there have been many studies, reviews & analyses published that give new hope to those diagnosed with refractory angina. The results are very encouraging.

At Infinity Medicina Regenerativa, we have helped countless patients overcome illnesses and conditions they thought untreatable by traditional, modern medicine. It’s worth a discussion to find out if your refractory angina can also be helped with stem cell therapy.

When you have a shortage of blood flow getting to any area of your body, you’re going to experience problems with that area and those it affects. For instance, the heart affects absolutely everything in your body. Not getting enough blood means the heart is not getting enough oxygen. You might feel alarming chest pain that could be spreading to your back and arms. You probably get tired very easily and are often out of breath.

If there was a way to aid your body in its own natural healing process – where it could correct what was preventing the blood from flowing to the heart and allow enough oxygen to reach your heart again, wouldn’t it be worth finding out more about?

Treatment Options for Refractory Angina

Treatment Options for Refractory Angina

Refractory angina can be so discouraging because of its persistence and failure to heal with many available treatments. Unfortunately, refractory angina is resistant to traditional medical treatments like therapies, medications, and even surgery (a bypass or angioplasty).

That has left very little hope for those who suffer from angina up until now. Stem cell therapy is giving new life to dreams of healing from angina and moving on with your life. Being able to take the stairs without getting winded, play a round of golf, or romp around with the grandkids.

Back in 2018, there was a meta-analysis published in which 304 patients reported improvement in the frequency of their angina attacks, at as early as three months, and also at six and twelve months. At the two-year mark, there was even a reduction in mortality.

Another meta-analysis that was published in March of the following year followed 526 patients who were part of the controlled experimental analysis for 14 months. Of those patients, the ones who had been treated with stem cells had far less serious adverse effects from their angina, less angina crisis, were on less medication for the angina, and there was less mortality with the group as well.

In 2019, there was another meta-analysis published, which included 269 patients, again reporting a decrease in mortality and no increase in adverse reactions.

In all three of these meta-analyses, patients also reported an increase in exercise time.

When you are considering treatment options for refractory angina, the studies published thus far give good reason to look into stem cell therapy.

At Infinity Medicina Regenerativa, we are able to offer cutting edge stem cell treatments that aren’t yet available in the US. Call us to find out if you might be a candidate for stem cell therapy to treat your refractory angina.


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